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Total Business Planning

Staples Financial recognizes that any successful business owner commits most of their time and passion to the product or service they provide.  Because time is your most valuable resource, we have created a turnkey program that is designed to support your business and integrate with your personal plan efficiently and cost effectively. 

Our program will cover the following 5 key areas: 

Buy-Sell Planning
A large majority of buy-sell plans we review have unintended gaps that could prevent successful execution of the plan.  We can identify those gaps and offer solutions to fill them.

Integrated Personal Planning
Your personal financial and estate plan must effectively communicate with your business plan to ensure success.  Our plan for you will account for your business and how it relates to your personal goals.

Turnkey Retirement Plans
The 401k/retirement plan marketplace is a complex and ever changing landscape subject to fiduciary exposures and government scrutiny.  We will independently assess your current plan and offer suitable strategies for you and your employees going forward.  From there our 401k service model can keep you protected as a fiduciary and ensure your employees get the most out of the benefit you provide to them.

Employee Benefits
In addition to a retirement plan, many companies choose to offer other benefits such as group life, long and short term disability, key man protection, etc.  We will source cost effective solution for these coverages to complete your employee benefit package.

Exit Strategies
Ultimately at some point your business will transition to a different owner.  This may be a generational or internal transfer, or an outright sale.  We will establish parameters for exit and plan accordingly to ensure a smooth transition when that time comes.