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Comprehensive Wealth Management

Staples Financial takes a consultative approach to wealth management.  Our strategic process is delivered to you using four key steps:

The 13 Wealth Management Issues
We will create a document for you that prioritizes which of the “13 Wealth Management Issues” are most important to you and your situation.  This will serve as the foundation to gather the appropriate data to deliver your personalized plan.

Create Your Book
Based on our discussions in step one we will create a financial planning book that will serve as our roadmap for pursuing your financial goals.  By focusing on what is most important to your specific situation, we can effectively provide actionable advice and counsel on how to arrive at desired outcomes.  This book will be updated on an annual basis to adjust for important changes in your life.

Once we have agreed upon suitable strategies to address your current needs, we will establish an implementation schedule to execute the plan.  If you are a pre-retiree we will create an Investment Policy Statement and then source suitable tools to arrive at your objectives.  If you are at or near retirement we will implement our “Retirement Income Strategy” plan designed to provide inflation adjusted income to you for life.  

No matter your situation, we will use our independent affiliation to bring the full spectrum of available investment and insurance strategies to meet your goals in tax and cost efficient means.

The Client Service Model
The final step is to review our client service model to establish the ongoing process that will guide the monitoring and ultimate success of your plan.  We will set communication expectations and a review timeline so you can be assured your plan is being overseen with care and confidence.